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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Social Group Travel?

Social Group Travel is when you travel with other people who are part of your social network who share your interests - like sports, concerts, skiing, wine tasting, etc.

2. What is Public Event shuttle?

A Public Event shuttle is a shuttle service operated by us — Pronto and our nation-wide affiliates — for major events like sporting events, concerts, political campaigns/rallies, etc. The schedule, routes, locations and rates for a shuttle service for each public event will be published on

3. How many Public Event shuttles will you be offering? has been operating shuttle services for San Francisco 49ers home games for the past several years. Starting July 2018, besides 49ers home games, we — Pronto and our affiliates across the US — will be operating shuttle services for many other public events like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Nascar, NCAA games, concerts. The shuttle service schedule and rates for these public events will be published on the site.

4. How do I set up my interests?

You can select the type of events you are interested in by:

  • selecting your interests from the list of category of events when you sign-up and create your account on, or
  • selecting the interests from the list of category of events which can be accessed from your Account and My Interests button

5. How do I search for events that are of interest to me?

Once you have set up your interests, we will automatically display those events for you after you have signed in to the site. These events will be displayed on the Map as well as in the events listing section. There are many ways you can further refine your search for events that are of interest to you:

  • Map View — All the events that have been set up on our website will be displayed on the Map. You can navigate the map to home in on a particular region, city or venue to browse all the events and then select the one of interest to you.
  • Search — In the search bar on the home page you can specify the location, interests (drop down menu), and date range to get a listing of all events which match your search filter criteria. You may also enter a keyword — like 49ers — to find a listing of all the events set up for 49ers.

6. What is Crowd-sourced Event?

Pronto and our affiliates will be offering shuttle services to major public events — sporting events, concerts, etc. These shuttle services, however, do not meet the diverse requirements for social group outings — like wine/beer tasting, skiing/ snowboarding, casino outing, etc. — to travel to thousands of venues nation-wide at times that work for the group. In other words, when it comes to shuttles 'one shoe doesn't fit everyone'. Hence, we are offering a platform which allows you — individuals and organizations — to create your own shuttle service which meets your headcount, schedule and rate requirements.

This concept of reaching out to you so you can create event(s)/shuttle(s) is a form of 'crowd-sourcing' events. Once an event/shuttle service is created, you can invite your friends, family, coworkers to join your event and they, in turn, can invite their friends, family and coworkers, which is , also, another form of crowd-sourcing.

7. How does crowd-sourced event booking work?

Visit 'How does crowd-sourced event booking work' link in the footer to access complete information on this.

8. When and how much will you be charging for crowd-sourced event booking?

The About Us section and 'How does crowd-sourced event booking work?' link on the home page provides detailed outline and step-by-step process for how to create an event and how much — $ per person — we will charge for your trip. The payment will be processed 48 hours.

9. What do I need to bring with me to the event to show a confirmed booking?

When you book your reservation, you will get a confirmation for it. You may print this confirmation and bring it with you or you can display the booking confirmation on your smartphone. You will find all your booking confirmations — past, present and future — in Booking History on your account profile page.

10. What are Reward Points? How do I earn and redeem Reward Points?

For each public event shuttle or crowd-sourced event shuttle trip you take with us you will be awarded Reward Points, which will be added to your account automatically. For additional details about Reward Points, please visit the 'Reward Points' link in the About Us section of the site.