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When searching for events that match your interests, location or date range, you will find events with the following status indicators:

  • Open :an Event for which the minimum headcount requirement has not yet been met. The Event display shows how many days are left for the Go/No Go Date to expire. Also shows you how many more seats need to be booked before the Go/No Go date for the Event to be a GO.
  • Live :an Event for which the minimum headcount requirement has been met. The Event will stay in Live state and open for booking as long as there are seats available.
  • Ongoing :This is an Event that is currently underway and active.

Join Event : If the Event is in the OPEN state (and not Live yet) when you or anyone else joins an Event, you are merely expressing an interest in joining the Event when the event becomes Live.

Live Event : When you see an event is LIVE, it means that Event is a GO. If you had previously joined the Event, we will notify you that the Event is a GO and that your booking is confirmed. If you are joining a Live Event then your booking is confirmed immediately. How do you distinguish between a) an event that is a GO and b) an event which has not yet reached the headcount threshold? Easy - just look for LIVE and OPEN signs on the Event Tile display.

Events that are a GO will have this LIVE green sign. Events which are yet to receive the minimum number of seats by the deadline will have the OPEN sign.

Once the Event is Live and the booking is confirmed, we will place a hold on your credit card for an amount equal to $ per person + additional 25% of $ per person. If the $ per person for the Event is $50.00 then the credit card hold will be for $62.50. The additional 25% covers any additional charges — overtime charges, parking fees, toll charges, etc. — incurred during the trip. The actual charges will be processed on all participants' credit cards upon completion of the Event and credit card payment receipts will be e-mailed to everyone.

Closed Event : After the Event is Live, the booking remains open until 48 hours prior to the Event Start Time when the booking is Closed.

Day of the Event:On the Day of the Event, the Event status will change to ACTIVE from the first pickup time to the last drop off time.

Completed Events:After the last drop off time, the Event status will change to COMPLETED and taken off the Event listing. The Event will then be added to the Completed Events list in your account profile.

Reward Points :Upon completion of the Event, you, as the Event Manager, and all the participants will receive Reward Points in your respective accounts. For information on Reward Points, awards and redemption, please visit About Us