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How To Book Your Own Shuttle

As much as going on a trip is fun, it is stressful to coordinate with everyone, get quotes on the travel, get confirmations from each person and be the one to collect the money and book. With Pronto Shuttles, you can get it all set up in a matter of minutes and the platform will take care of the rest! All you have to do is:

1. Choose the destination

2. Pick the date and time

3. Decide the minimum number of people.

4. Set the deadline for sign-ups

5. Select Event type: 'Public' (visible to everyone) or 'Private' (only invited people)

6. Send invites with just a click from the platform via email, Twitter or Facebook.

7. Participants sign up by responding to the invite link

8. Number of participants determine the cost per person (more the participants, lesser the lost)

9. Details of the shuttle, driver, and final list of participants shared with you 48 hours prior to the event

Here is how the booking your own shuttle service at Pronto works:

  • Once you have created the shuttle and opened the bookings, you will receive Join Event requests from other users.
  • After the number of sign-ups reaches the minimum count that has been specified by you, the event shuttle status changes from OPEN to LIVE.
  • Booking confirmations are sent out automatically to all participants
  • The platform identifies the affiliate operator best positioned to handle your trip
  • It notifies the affiliate operator of the upcoming event
  • Daily / weekly updates are sent to you and all participants
  • Updates on further cost reduction opportunities are also sent to you and all participants - 'We need 4 more people for the cost per person to drop by another 15%’
  • 48 hours before the event, you will receive booking confirmation, details of the affiliate operator and list of participants.