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Finding the Shuttle for An Event That Interests You

Going To A Concert Or Ball Game? Take The Nearest Shuttle.

We offer you several search options to readily find an event shuttle that suits your schedule and location.

  • Map View — Below the search bar is the Map View that gives you a visual overview of all the Events in the region. Zoom in/out to spot the one of your interest.
  • vent Tiles — Below the search bar and to the right of the Map View you will find events which match your search criteria.

Using Search filters

Assume that you're a 49ers fan.

  • Enter 49ers in the Search For Event Name field
  • Select the start & end dates depending on the preferred time period you're looking to attend games in
  • Hit search — you'll get a list of 49ers games scheduled in that period
  • Select the game you're interested in (for example, Detroit Lions vs 49ers on 16 September '18) and click on it to get the shuttles and routes for it!

Map View With Search Filters

We have set up Event Shuttles for majority of Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s OTR II concerts.

  • Entered Beyoncé in the Search by Event Name field.
  • Specific listing will be displayed on the map. Click on each icon and get concert summary - date, times, location, etc.
  • You will see multiple Crowd-sourced Shuttle services for that particular concert. Select the route that best suits you and then Join the Event Shuttle.
  • Once the Event Shuttle is LIVE, you will receive a booking confirmation. So are you are all set to #DoMoreTogether en route to your fave event?